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Polls analysis October 27, 2008

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Alright, boys mine, take a look. I have a theory I’m going to float: If Obama takes Florida, he takes the election. I’ve been playing with the nbc electoral map, and if we presume Obama’s taking Penn and Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconson, NJ, NH, McCain can take all the other toss ups, and if Obama takes Florida, he wins. Take a look at the electoral maps and tell me what you think.

Now, here’s the next question: can Obama win Florida?


Even McCain’s attacks have jumped the shark October 22, 2008

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Oh yeah? Well, Obama sucks up to BOTH baseball teams’ fans, so there.  Fuck you Obama!

Sean Hannity Smack Down October 17, 2008

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Ahhhhhhh :o)

more rape kits October 17, 2008

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So, as y’all know, my political season has involved pulling my hair out with a certian jewish musician friend of mine on facebook, who happens to be a uber right wing republican. I originally wrote a version of my consumate feminist post as a reply to an article on his blog vocalminority.blogspot.com. Damn well researched, fine piece of writing it was too, if I do say so myself (watch for it in the albany times union- my first letter to the editor! :o) Anyway, he comes back today FINALLY with this article: Palin Myths . Which pissed me off (surprise, surprised). So here’s my reply:

You’re coming back at the story with no name blog who doesn’t cite his sources, who dismisses the need for sources and encourages his readers to “Believe nothing”,

who didn’t understand the Illinois law he cited (it says that Illinois has set up a separate state wide fund to cover the expense of care of victims of sexual assault for those not already covered by what in our state would be Healthy NY, i.e. state wide insurance/medicare/medicaid),

who assumes that his readership will also not understand the law,

who doesn’t cite ANY source for Obama as co sponsor of said law (which it turns out would not have been a negative, but rather a postive if he was making sure that the state was paying for the kits not matter what),

and who doesn’t acknowledge that a 1994 federal law was passed to deny funds to any state charging victims. For this reason I have a very hard itme believing that NC is only deciding 14 years later to start accepting federal funding by only now ceasing charging victims.

As for his other sources, Bob Owens – another conservative blogger, who heard from, who heard from, and NRO, who might have a point, EXCEPT that it was local and state news, the town is 6800 people, and it would have been HIGHLY unlikely and extremely wishful thinking to believe Palin did not hear about it at all.

Also, I fundamentally disagree that hospitals charging insurance companies means that the victims weren’t being charged. i don’t know about you, but we have a $1000 dollar deductible on our insurance. Also, what if the victim didn’t have insurance? Would they be charged? Would they even report that they’d been assaulted/raped/abused, if they’d heard from their chief of police (the new appointee of their mayor) that the evidence collection and prosecution of their crime was a burden on the tax payer? Maybe that’s why no one was charged during those two years – their chief of police had already said it was their own fault for being raped in the first place, and how dare they assume that the taxpayer would “pick up the tab?”

If you really want to believe what this guy is saying, go to. I cited you sources from USAToday to the Wall Street Journal to the NYTimes. When he cites anyone, he’s citing folks who support his point of view utterly and completely, who don’t always cite THEIR sources.

I’m telling you that the decisions I’m making on Palin are based on my gut, my experience as a Family Support Worker in impoverished communities, and on researched fact. Her belief system is utterly different from my own and she is simply not qualified to be president. And that’s what being a VP candidate is- you are asking the electorate to be comfortable with you being president if you running mate cannot. Especially when your running mate is a 72 year old 5 time cancer survivor. I’ve seen with my own eyes how fast melanoma kills, and how quickly it can reoccur. I’m not voting to put Palin that close to the presidency and I will speak as much truth as I can to fight against her ticket winning. Period.

Norf! October 15, 2008

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WWE Style October 15, 2008

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This could have been SO much more awesome:

Interesting allegory in nature October 15, 2008

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I read this wicked sweet article about invasive crustaceans in the UK, and reading the descriptions of the species reminded me starkly of our political parties.  Basically, they’re both out to eat everything, they don’t care about the system they’re trashing, and, while they operate in generally separate areas of influence, things get ugly when they cross paths.

It’s time for some campaigning (JibJab) October 15, 2008

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Remember how I said to keep an eye on Goldman Sachs? October 14, 2008

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Their stock price was down to about $80 late last week.  I pointed out that it would probably be a good buy if it went any lower.

It’s up to $125 today.  If I wasn’t a chickenshit and had actually put $10k into GS when I called that, I’d have almost $16k today.  Multiply that by a million, or even ten million.  It’s patently ludicrous that someone could have made so much money in such a short time simply by guessing lucky.

Watching the market is going to be bad for my health.  I’m pretty sure the stock market is an evil spirit.

More t-shirt October 14, 2008

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From Sean’s blog “These Bastards“:

The Face of Doom

Check him out, he’s pretty funny!